Helmsman and Crew Suspension seats have fore & aft adjustment with a 60mm height inclination adjustment. The suspension is adjustable from 50-130kg with a reclining backrest.

  • Fore and aft 160 mm slide travel
  • 60mm height and inclination adjustment from 240-300mm
  • Suspension adjustable from 50 to 130kg
  • Reclining backrest
  • Vinyl black fabric
  • Adjustable headrest & folding and adjustable armrests

Optional extras:

  • Lap seat belt (static or inertia)
  • Seat occupant sensor
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Swivel seat mechanism
  • Shock Mitigation Foam
  • Toughtec or leather


Many years of experience and knowledge of customer requirements is the key to success of Gerpol Sitzsysteme. The company was founded beginning of 2010, but the whole team has worked for years in the maritime business and understands the customer requirements. GERPOL Sitzsysteme is focused to provide almost any solution for the customer in a timely manner. We are not keen to just sell our products, we do work with our customers in order to suit the products according to the real needs.

GERPOL Sitzsysteme does provide many different options of ergonomic seating systems for all kinds of application. The latest invention of our permanent research and developement activities is the patended, telescoping pedestal unit with integrated adjustable mechanical suspension. This provides a new dimension of ergonomic seating on board. In our own workshop and upholstery department we can provide many refurbishing services, even for other brands.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and please learn more about the product  range on the following pages. The GERPOL seat navigator will guide you through the different seating options.

Our product names are based on the most common nautical stars for navigation on sea.
Reach for the stars…